Congratulations to all the third graders who made it through summer school and are able to go into the fourth grade. The Mayor and Department of Education Chancellor Joel Klein announced that 51% of the thousands of students that attended the city's Summer Success Academy scored well on their exams, as they both emphasized the city was on its way to ending social promotion. As it turns out, this is slightly under the number of third graders held back last year when there was social promotion, but who is really counting besides the local media, education advocates and Bloomberg foes?

In other school news, the Mayor wants to cut city funding for a pre-K provider because the owner is a felon. The pre-K provider, Red Apple Child Development Center, which has locations in Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan, serves mainly Asian-American children, and Councilman John Liu gathered up 300 children and their parents to protest. Newsday reported that Liu pointed out the Department of Education is unable to serve immigrant children as well as other centers; the owner of Red Apple had been convicted of falsifying of certificate of occupancy, in addition to trying to bribe Department of Health officials, though never serving jail time. But the Mayor seized on the felonious aspects, stating, "I believe somebody has organized ... a city councilman has organized ... a demonstration to get some business for somebody who's a convicted felon, who had children in an unsafe environment." Yeah, that could be bad, keeping little kids in ramshackle "pre-K" dens. But there's nothing as heartwrenching as seeing hundreds of little kids protesting having a place to hang with their pals and learn their ABC's.