2007_10_bloomsub.jpgEarlier today, the following incident was noted on the Gothamist Newsmap: "EDP / Injured Officer: Fulton And Broadway Manhattan, NY | 10/22/2007 1:39 p.m." Now it turns out it was no ordinary officer - it was one of the police officers assigned to guard Mayor Bloomberg!

Mayor Bloomberg was with other city officials and his security details. A 30-year-old, "disheveled-looking" man yelled at an officer, "I hate you" and then a profanity. Then he attacked the officer, knocking him to the platform. The attacker was restrained and taken to a hospital for observation. Both were taken to Bellevue with minor injuries.

Mayor Bloomberg was not hurt and it seems that people didn't even notice the scuffle. The AP says the mayor was about to board the train during the attack, while City Room says it's unclear where the Mayor was, but he and his entourage were transferring from an A to a 4 or 5 back to City Hall (they had been in Brooklyn for an event).

The Mayor has made a point of taking the subway, even though he gets chauffeured from his townhouse to the nearest express subway station in the mornings.