Some City officials are accusing the Mayor of doing whatever it takes to bring the West Side Stadium to Manhattan, even at the expense of New Yorkers, and wondering where the money will actually come from. Gothamist has been wondering about the Mayor's intentions, too - until we saw the Daily News. The Daily News reveals that people are angry that Mayor B got to drink from a can of beer at the Jet game - when no one else gets to drink from cans of beer. So, we're thinking that beyond wanting the 2012 Olympics and wanting to leave a legacy, the Mayor wants the Jets to play in Manhattan because he can drink a car of beer while everyone else can't! It's so easy to break down the political machine when there's beer involved.

And the choice of beer? Coors Light? There's already a Coors Field, but Coors Stadium? We never thought about that.

Photograph at right taken by the Daily News