According to a new Marist poll, Mayor Bloomberg's approval rating has fallen seven points to 49%—and apparently anti-mosque sentiment is partly to blame. Over a week after the mayor gave a rousing speech in support of religious freedom and a proposed mosque two blocks from Ground Zero, Marist poll director Lee Miringof said, "The mosque is not doing him any good... He's certainly on the wrong side of public opinion on that in the city."

The poll found that 53% of New Yorkers disagree with Bloomberg's views on the Issue Of The Summer (and possibly CENTURY); 74% of Republicans are against it while Democrats were split in half. But Miringoff also allowed, "Chief executives often find third terms difficult, and the current economic climate is not making it any easier for Bloomberg. Right now, New York City voters are divided about the job the mayor is doing." Well, it's not like Bloomberg is running for another term in 2013...but maybe we'll find out for real in 2012.