2005_11_mayorbakery.jpgMayor Michael Bloomberg spent his post-election day basking in his resounding victory, traveling the city (hugging wellwishers, photo ops with kids, buying pastries), promising that he would turn to a career of philanthropy after his second term is over in 2009. And he did work some. The NY Times dives into the voting returns, and says that he "crossed ehtnic barriers" for his win: Estimates say that Bloomberg got about half of the black vote, and about 30% of the Latino vote, giving him a "winning multiethnic coalition," and disproving that minorities always vote as a bloc. (Here are some more numbers from the NY Post.) However, Fernando Ferrer-supporter, the Reverend Al Sharpton, pointed out that many low income neighborhoods voted heavily for Ferrer, showing that there "really are two New Yorks."

Newsday notes
that the mayor does have challenges for next year ($4 billion budget deficit) and that Ferrer will never run for public office again. The Daily News' Juan Gonzalez has a column about Ferrer's dignity in defeat and the MikeBloomberg.com campaign site is now just one page that sas, "Four More Years, Thank You New York."

Photograph from the Daily News