Mayor Bloomberg gave his two-cents about the 15 Penn Plaza drama, coming out on the side of developers Vornado Realty. He says the 1,216-foot tower would be "great for the city," and said of critics to the Wall Street Journal (paywall), "I don't understand that. You know, anybody that builds a building in New York City changes its skyline. We don't have to run around to every other owner and apologize." And he would know something about not apologizing!

Though they were scheduled to vote today on whether or not the project should go forward, the Daily News says the City Council won't vote on the tower until Tuesday. And though Anthony Malkin-commissioned surveys said 71% of New Yorkers (and 66% of tourists) say they don't want the new building, NY1 found some New Yorkers who liked it. One said, "I like the tall buildings and all the lights. That's why people come to New York, right? It's the lights that attract."

Bloomberg showed little sympathy for Malkin, saying, "One guy owns a building. He'd like to have it be the only tall building. I'm sorry, that's not the real world. Nor should it be." Malkin agreed, but said 15 Penn Plaza's being just 34 feet shorter than the Empire State Building is cutting it a little close. "We are pro-development and think this area represents a great opportunity for development...In the end, the elected representatives of the city of New York have to decide."