1109_flowers.jpgYes. Hard as it is to believe, Fall is making a rare appearance the next few days. Tonight is looking especially ugly. An intense cold front associated with a low pressure system currently over Michigan will bring us rain, maybe a thunderstorm, windy conditions and temperatures much lower than what we've been lulled into lately. Here's a little weather oddity: The cold front won't arrive until later tonight. Sometime between sunset and the front's arrival we will be in the warm sector of the storm and our temperatures are likely to jump several degrees for a few hours. Don't let that warm air fool you! It will get cold and wet soon thereafter.

Friday is looking especially chilly. It may not even get into the 50s. Fear not warm weather fans, abnormally mild conditions should return by Sunday into early next week. A great day to see the amazing display of flowers in the northern section of the Central Park conservatory gardens.

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