It's the Friday before Labor Day, so here's another story wondering what's up with Mayor Bloomberg's many meetings with White House officials. Basically, it's anyone's guess, but one Bloomberg aide told the Daily News it'd be unlikely that the billionaire would want to be a Treasury official, "Would you want to give up being mayor so you could sit in your office and have Rahm Emanuel's assistant tell you not to say something?"

There's a rumor he's being considered as a replacement for Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, which Bloomberg denied, trying to put that notion (as well as the one that he wants to run for president in 2012) to rest by saying the only two ways he won't finish out his third term are death and "total incapacitation." A GOP operative said Bloomberg would be a good choice for Treasury Secretary, "The mayor's obviously got a lot of demonstrated expertise in a lot of areas," while a Bloomberg adviser shuts down the possibility, "He hasn't had a boss since he started his company. He doesn't want to work for anybody else."

Then a Bloomberg ally says Obama "has a strategy but it's not about making him Treasury Secretary. There's only one guy worth $15 billion who could run for President. You can sit back and try not to think about that, or you can make him your buddy ... What's the down side?"