Could wind power be coming to Queens? According to the Daily News, Mayor Bloomberg took a look at high-tech windmills in Cophenhagen, anchored miles offshore — and now wants to build replicas in Rockaway.

The mayor, who has previously expressed his desire for more wind power, declared: "It's pretty hard to find any reason against it. We keep talking about green jobs and green energy. Here's a chance to really do something about it. We think there will be enough interest and developers willing to put money in and actually going and building it. This is not science fiction. It's quite likely we'll see something like that in New York."

The 91 turbines the Mayor toured in Denmark generate 209 megawatts of power. The city is working with state agencies and utilities to create a system that would create a 700-megawatt set of windmills by 2015. They would be placed 15 miles off the coast of Rockaway — making it barely visible from shore. He added, "Right now wind can't be our only source of energy, but an offshore wind farm would help smooth out spikes in our electricity costs which fluctuate along with the price of natural gas."