The United Nations has been called a firetrap by a number of elected officials, Mayor Bloomberg among them. He recently demanded that the building stay on track to fix its many violations of the fire code.

The famous Secretariat building doesn't have an internal sprinkler system, and it was built with asbestos, which could fill the air if pipes explode. Additionally, apparently, if too many fire trucks are parked in the plaza, they might fall into underground parking. The Daily News reports that Bloomberg's letter to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon claimed that only 20% of the 866 violations were fixed, while the U.N. says it has fixed 40%. Still, that means there are over 500 violations to go!

Of course, the city, state and even U.S. governments have no jurisdiction over the U.N. But the city wants to avoid another Deutsche Bank incident, where tragedy strikes at buildings chock full of known violations, hence strong language in Bloomberg's letter such as, should the U.N. not comply in a timely manner, the city "will be forced to direct the cessation of all public school visits to the United Nations."