It's already illegal to drink in public, smoke in bars, and eat Jalapeno poppers without knowing how many calories you're consuming, and now Nanny Bloomberg wants to make it illegal to pack a piece while drunk. The mayor is proposing a local law that could put sodden gun holders behind bars for up to one year, and fine them up to $10,000. According to WNYC, nineteen states already have laws prohibiting gun possession by intoxicated individuals, and some states go so far as to revoke gun permits from people with drinking problems. But after all that, is there even anyone left who can legally carry a gun? Earlier this year the New York State Assembly floated a bill that would suspend or revoke the firearm license of anyone in possession while drunk; Bloomberg's proposal would use the same definition of intoxicated as the legal limit for driving. The Mayor says, "If you are in a bar and you see somebody intoxicated and think they might have a gun I know what I would do, I'd either leave that bar or call the cops. I don't want to get shot."