2006_04_hercny.jpgIf you think Mayor Michael Bloomberg is an enigma wrapped in a riddle cloaked in a mystery that happens to have a billion or so dollars, here's another thing to keep you guessing. Our mayor donated $44,600, the maximum allowed, to California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's re-election bid. And Bloomberg explained it by saying, "I think that Schwarzenegger - while I probably don't agree with him on a lot of things - he's trying new things. He's got a pizazz about him and I think that's something different." Arnold certainly has pizazz (or is that huge, huge chompers), which the mayor often aspires to. The AP reports that Bloomberg
also reasoned that while Schwarzenegger "hasn't had anything to do with the city, but he doesn't do anything against the city either." Au contraire, Mayor B: Arnold was in Hercules in New York! If that didn't give NYC a good (or bad) name, we don't know what will.

Back in 2004, the Governator riveted Republicans at the Republican National Convention with his talk of "economic girlie men."