You might not realize it because of all the incredible innovations and inventions that are bursting from the city on a regular basis, but NYC has a bit of an inferiority complex when it comes to the sciences and engineering. Oh sure, we know everything when it comes to fashion, media and finance, but we're lacking those basic, nerdy fundamentals that could take us to the next level. Thankfully, Mayor Bloomberg and his administration have finally turned their attentions to this problem, by trying to woo academic institutions to build a top-tier applied-science facility here.

And don't think they aren't willing to give you a little something-something if you come here: “To make it happen we are prepared to make a significant capital contribution and possibly offer city sites,” said Robert K. Steel, deputy mayor for economic development, according to Wall Street Journal. The city has humble ambitions: to become an East Coast version of Silicon Valley (Boston doesn't never counts). Some sites that are being considered for the new institution include city-owned Navy Hospital Campus at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, development sites on Governor’s Island, the Goldwater Hospital Campus on Roosevelt Island and the Farm Colony on Staten Island.

Mayor Bloomberg said: “New York City has all the ingredients to compliment an applied science and engineering hub: a highly educated global population, unparalleled financial and business community to provide capital and support for new ventures and existing top-notch institutions performing cutting-edge research. We want to capitalize on those strengths.” Maybe he'll take a page from his own playbook, and hire a very well-qualified businesswoman who has tons of scientific experience to run the whole thing without any fuss.