Mayor Bloomberg is getting very impatient about the state of the West Side Stadium, asking political leaders in the state to go ahead and approve the gosh-darn thing already. (The gosh-darn emphasis is Gothamist's.) What's funny is that the Mayor wants everyone to ignore Cablevision's lawsuit against the MTA, Jets, and City, which accuses all three entities of colluding to give the Jets the West Side railyard rights. Now, a few state panels need to approve the deal, including the Public Authorities Control Board, whose members are Governor Pataki, State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno and Assembly Sheldon Silver (you may remember Bruno and Silver from the self-congratulatory commercials about getting the state budget done on time). Silver, however, has said that the stadium is not an easy-go an wonders if the MTA got enough money. Oh, and Bloomberg, good work trying to win Pataki's affections when you're talking about possibily endorsing Eliot Spitzer for Governor! Again, we must invoke the words of Dirk Calloway: "With friends like you, who needs friends."

The Village Voice on why the Jets' claims that their bid will bring in minority jobs may be "full of hot air." And the Daily News' Juan Gonzalez on how the MTA's decision to grant Jets the West Side railyards was like watching a sting.