Asked yesterday about the recent arrest of a City Councilman and a top aide to NYC's Public Advocate, Mayor Bloomberg tore a page from President Obama's playbook and urged the two sides to work it out over a beer. "The police have a job to do and the city councilman has a job to do, and hopefully, every once in a while, if there’s a misunderstanding, they have a beer together and work it out," Bloomberg told reporters yesterday. Unfortunately, Councilman Jumaane Williams doesn't drink—not even if Bloomberg fixes him one of his fancy Beers-on-the-Rocks!

Williams and Kirsten John Foy, who serves as Public Advocated Bill de Blasio's Community Affairs director, open to meeting with Bloomberg, but not in the way he proposed. In a statement, the two said, "We would rather have a meeting with the mayor and Commissioner [Ray] Kelly where young African-American and Latino New Yorkers can talk openly and directly about their experiences with stop-and-frisk and other police interactions." Speaking to the Daily News, Williams said, "I'm happy to sit down together with anybody, anytime, to try and work things out." But without alcohol, how will they find the cause of and solution to all of life's problems?!

Despite identifying themselves as city officials, Williams and Foy were detained for thirty minutes on Monday after the West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn. Williams, Foy, and others were attempting to take a shortcut to exit the parade so they could make an appearance at a gathering by the Brooklyn Museum. But the NYPD had different plans for them: here's video. At a press conference Tuesday, Williams accused police of lying about an officer getting punched in the face, and insisted none of this would have happened if he were white.

Yesterday, the Mayor complacently averred, "I'm sure they will do a thorough investigation and find out what really happened," adding that the incident will "probably turn out to be a misunderstanding." In response, Williams said, "You call it a misunderstanding. But whatever you call it, it's indicative of a larger problem within the culture of the Police Department." Bloomberg also said he's "mostly proud of the job our Police Department does." Mostly?! You gonna take that, NYPD Rant?