Mayor Bloomberg takes his no-nonsense approach on what to do with the World Trade Center site to the Opinion page of the Wall Street Journal. In editorial titled, "There Should Be No More Excuses At Ground Zero," he outlines how the city has helped speed up development--and how some other things need to be done in order for progress to continue.

The big thing Bloomberg suggests is that Governor Paterson should break up the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation and give its "development responsibilities to the city," which would "eliminate one redundant layer of bureaucracy." That way the city and state's Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center could also take over the Deutsche Bank building demolition as well. The Observer noted how Spitzer once called the LMDC a "farce"--until he put his own appointees in place.

More notably, Bloomberg says the current proposal for the PATH transit hub "must scaled back," calling it "too complicated to build and threatens to delay the memorial and the entire project." The NY Times' David Dunlap writes on CityRoom that the mayor "all but declared the death" for the Santiago-Calatrava project.