2003_9_patbloomby.jpgYet another article about how Mayor Bloomberg needs to step up and be more aggressive when dealing wtih Governor Pataki, especially when trying to secure funding from the state for the city. Yesterday's Daily News article about the mayor's new attack-mode strategy reaffirms why it's helpful for the Mayor to stop playing nice with Pataki: SUNY New Paltz poli sci professor says, "Taking on a Republican governor has a certain logic, because [Bloomberg's] constituency at the end of the day is Democratic and independent." The Daily News also noted that Bloomberg's language has changed markedly:

"Nobody should ever make the mistake that I'm not going to stand up and do everything I can to get the maximum resources for this city," Bloomberg vowed last week, calling Pataki's new panel "ridiculous" and "a cruel hoax."

Gothamist votes for some name calling. Not only might that be marginally productive (nothing like baiting and aggravating), but it would make for some good copy.