Mayor Bloomberg may have plenty of patience to go through a few swatches to get the PERFECT color of drapes, but he will not tolerate the return of the indigent squeegee men. "The police department has a lot to do, but we're not walking away from squeegee guys when they rear their heads…with their buckets and sponge," he said. Well! See if we ever give his Gulfstream a shine again.

The Daily News sounded the alarm yesterday about the "Return of the Bad Old Days" after they spotted five of them working at 42nd Street and Ninth Avenue, five being way more than three, which is the universally accepted number at which a trend begins. "We are out here making a living," one squeegee man who is also a father of three said, "It's hard to get a job." It's probably just as hard being a squeegee man, but hey: they slow down the speed that cars can travel the roads, so they must be stopped.

Bloomberg was decidedly more circumspect about the return of the squeegee men being a sign of the times: "I don't know that it's a measure of the economy, but we all know that there's too many people in this country unemployed." If they just flat-out begged for weed, would we be more understanding?