It seems as though Mayor Bloomberg had a serious case of the Fridays this morning during an appearance on a radio show. Or maybe he went out for drinks after last night's storm, and was hungover. Either way, Bloomberg and Health Commissioner Thomas Farley appeared together on John Gambling's WOR-AM radio show to discuss the proposed smoking bans, and what ensued was a veritable "Who's on First" routine, with the Mayor confusing Farley's name with former Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden, as well as NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman.

The confusion began when Bloomberg said, "A lot of people don't like sitting next to somebody who's smoking, and they don't like—which incidentally is, Tom Frieden's with us—Friedman—yes, well, Foley." He continued on: "Friedman was the last guy. Frieden was the last guy. Friedman's the columnist, and Foley's the one we have now." But it wasn't Foley sitting next to him, it was Farley.

"I picked Foley, Tom Foley because we didn't have to change the monograms on the towels," he joked, still getting the names wrong. "Tom Friedman, Tom Foley—and a lot of people, all kidding aside, don't like all the butts and cigarettes and the beach and everything. Tom, you want to talk about this a little bit?" Host Gambling finally butted in to correct the Mayor on his mistake: "Foley," the Mayor said. "Farley," said Gambling. "Farley," said the Mayor.