Mayor Bloomberg ignored a letter from an elderly woman begging him to stop the Parks Department from planting two trees in front of her Bronx home, where she's lived for 45 years. 76-year-old Irene McKenzie says leaves from the new trees will be enormous burden, and they'll also aggravate her sensitive allergies when they bloom. But tree-hugging Mayor Bloomberg did nothing to halt the inexorable advance of the trees, and a week before Thanksgiving they were planted, turning her life into a living nightmare:

I'm 76 and I'm going to have to get a leaf blower now.

It's just a lack of concern. Like people don't count. A government agency should have consideration for people of a certain age and I don't think they do. And I am elderly... My husband is 90 years old and he's already filled 18 garbage bags with leaves this year... I don't call him Mayor Mike. I call him Mr. Bloomberg. I am extremely disappointed that someone of his so-called stature should have little or no compassion for old people... I understand that his mother is quite elderly. I would assume that he has plenty of concern for her well being. Nevertheless it appears that he has not extended that concern to people like me and my husband and other folks our age.

It's the responsibility of the Parks Department to clean up leaves in parks, but homeowners must clear the leaves outside their property. In a statement to the Daily News, the department spokesperson promised to "investigate this homeowner's needs and respond as best we can." But this is hardly the first time property owners have rebelled against tree-ranny; last year Dyker Heights senior Sonny Soave vowed to physically occupy the sidewalk where the city was planning to force more trees down his throat.