2005_05_mayorspanish.jpgThe first part of Mayor Bloomberg's multimillion May marketing mix to launch is TV advertising - in Spanish! The ads have the Mayor showing off his Spanish and are generally upbeat, hyping NYC's economic success after September 11; the NY Times says they are very "Ronald Reagan It's Morning in America" and describe the ads:

Both ads - one of them 30 seconds in length, the other 60 seconds in length - are replete with images of construction sites, the city's skyline, Mr. Bloomberg mingling with students and their parents, and police officers walking the beat or, in one case, arresting a man in a shot that features two white wrists being shackled in handcuffs.

The media is making a big deal of the Mayor's espanol experience, pointing out that he's been studying Spanish for the past four years and that he has a Spanish tutor. Gothamist is surprised that the Mayor doesn't have a special solid gold Spanish Berlitz CD or even better, a Spanish-speaking Henry Higgins type to trill in his ears at his Upper East Side home. Anyway, the Mike's team promoting the fact that these are the first Spanish TV commercials for any mayoral candidate, he's committed to the Hispanic constituency, etc.... but Gothamist would like to say, well, duh, as the Mayor actually has the essentially limitless resources to seem committed, in an ad buy, to any constituency.

The NY Post has reporter Sandra Guzman grade his Spanish: "Bloomberg's accent is gringo, not in a cowboy way, more like a student who's really trying hard." Here's a script and see the ad here.