The city has filed a federal lawsuit against Nigeria over allegations that the nation's government owes the city millions in back real estate taxes. According to the suit, the African country failed to pay taxes for commercial office space and other non-tax exempt spaces in its 22-story Second Avenue building, known as the "Nigeria House," the Post reports.

While the "Nigeria House" is home to tax-exempt offices like the Nigerian Consulate and the Nigerian Mission to the United Nations, it also provides taxable commercial office space to tenants including Nigeria Airways, according to 1010WINS. It's unclear exactly how much the Nigerian government owes, because the nation's government has refused to turn over documentation. So Mayor Bloomberg — who in 2003 filed similar suits against Turkey, India, Mongolia, and the Philippines — is seeking between $4.1 million and $16 million in unpaid taxes, charges, and interest from the country. Here's a warning Mr. Mayor — even if the Nigerian government promises to deposit the cash ASAP, do not under any circumstances give out your bank account information.