Mayor Michael Bloomberg hasn't totally eschewed the Republican party. According to the NY Sun, the Democrat-turned- Republican-turned- independent will be "entertaining" Nancy Reagan "as well as hosting a fund-raiser for the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library."

Like the former First Lady, Bloomberg has progressive views on health and science issues (like stem cells). And Bloomberg has been known to host many fund-raisers for various people and causes. But some suspect that Bloomberg might be looking for a Reagan connection/halo effect to ready for a third-party run at the Presidency in 2008.

The University of Virginia's Center for Politics director Larry Sabato tells the Sun, "This certainly is one way to get the attention of Republicans. There are going to be a certain number of Republicans disgruntled with the nominee, no matter who it is." And, almost as if on cue, a source told Page Six, "Nancy told friends recently she wants Bloomberg to run for president. She doesn't like Rudy Giuliani."

Photograph of Bloomberg with one of his Republican friends, the Governor of California