Bloomberg to Cuomo: Leave Bonus Recipients ALONE!

Mayor Bloomberg has a message for Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, who this week successfully sued to make public the names of 200 high bonus earners at Merrill Lynch & Co: None of your business! Speaking to reporters today, Bloomberg likened Cuomo's quest for details about employee bonuses to "snooping around." Never mind that the bonuses were paid out with taxpayer bailout money; airing dirty laundry is simply not done in Bloomberg's rarefied world. Now that rabble-rouser Cuomo has gone and subpoenaed AIG for its list of bonus recipients, and the mayor says enough's enough, arguing that if people work in the private sector, their bonuses shouldn't be public. "I don't think you'd be wanting somebody snooping around in your private life," Bloomberg added. Which sort of sounds like a threat, except it's already a reality.

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