Mayor Bloomberg took to the streets and held a rally to beg Albany to hurry up and make a decision on NYC's congestion pricing plan. CityRoom reports that "Dozens of supporters watched the event...clad in green PlaNYC t-shirts" with signs like "I take a ferry, and I vote." And from the center of Times Square, Bloomberg said, "No state action, no federal funding — it’s that simple. We’ve got to have the state do something by July 16, or we will walk away from an enormous amount of money that would be spent to improve mass transit, which in turn would improve the air that we and our children breathe.”

However, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (who is technically the one holding up the plan, because Governor Spitzer and Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno actually agree that congestion pricing is a good idea) would rather authorize a study than approve congestion pricing. Bloomberg emphasized that the $500 million in federal funds is only available now: "We don't need Albany to say, 'Well, we'll study it some more, we'll talk about it in the fall, we'll come back later on.' It's a unique opportunity right now." PlaNYC also released flyers showing a girl with an asthma inhaler and the text, "She cannot hold her breath waiting for Albany to act."

Mayor of London Ken Livingtone penned a NY Times Op-Ed on Monday to give the London congestion pricing success story. A Daily News article looks at some number-crunching with congestion pricing costs for drivers, as well as benefits. And did you realize drivers in Manhattan will have to pay the congestion pricing fee when they drive out of the zone?