Tonight will be the second and final debate between mayoral candidates Mayor Michael Bloomberg and City Comptroller William Thompson. The first debate saw both men in attack mode, with no clear winner. CityRoom says Thompson, "Far behind in the polls, and running out of time...must deliver the political equivalent of an Oscar-performance Tuesday night." The debate will air on WABC 7 at 7 p.m.

Thompson had a few campaign events planned for today, while Bloomberg doesn't, ostensibly preparing for the debate. He had a late Sunday night, of course, since he was watching the Yankees win the ALCS over the Angels and was even spotted in the Yankees clubhouse after the win. Fox Sports said, "We had nothing to do with him being there."

Newsday's Neil Best wrote, "Sunday night's TV MVP, though, is Fox's Kenny Albert, who showed up in the winning clubhouse after having called the Vikings-Steelers game earlier in the day. Then he kept his focus on relevant interview subjects - i.e. people who play for the Yankees - while ignoring mayor Michael Bloomberg, who hovered for several minutes, seemingly hoping Albert would ask him something - anything! - before Election Day." Here's video, via Thompson's campaign:

Bloomberg's campaign is trying to encourage voter turnout. The Times reports, "About 4.2 million New York City residents are registered to vote on Tuesday. The Thompson campaign estimates that as few as one million may turn out. The Bloomberg camp predicts as many as 1.3 million. But some experts expect that the turnout will plummet to as low as 20 percent, or about 840,000. A low turnout benefits the candidate with the most-motivated voters and with the best field organization."