Mayor Bloomberg was in Washington yesterday, wearing the hat of co-chairman of the Building America's Future coalition. Along with fellow co-chairs Governors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ed Rendell, they discussed with President Obama infrastructure revitalization and how funds from the stimulus package will be used.

Both sides came out of the meeting shouting the other's praises. Bloomberg said, "The president gets it...I think we have a new president who has the enthusiasm, the intellect, and the drive to get this done...We will do everything we can to make sure he gets the support that he needs and the help." Obama called the bipartisan team "three of the most innovative elected officials in the county."

CBS News says that the co-chairmen delivered three messages to the president:

  • the president should take control of the infrastructure debate
  • a so-called “infrastructure bank” is essential
  • all funding possibilities should be explored

The group is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation to promote increased federal spending on infrastructure such as roads, transit systems and schools.