In a new profile in Vogue, Kirsten Gillibrand is painted as an everywoman, equally comfortable talking about finance as she is about farming. Jonathan Van Meter compares the Senator to Hillary Clinton, who ten years ago won the same Senate seat with a similar "listening tour" of New York and spent her early days in the Senate "charming many of her Senate colleagues on the other side of the aisle with her intelligence, her tirelessness, and her deft ability to work the center of American politics." But none of that matters because did you see that slideshow? Gillibrand is pretty hot.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid already called her the "hottest member" of the Senate, and today Mayor Bloomberg gave his two cents on the leggy blond. He gushed to the Wall Street Journal, “I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to talk about people’s looks or dress, but Sen. Gillibrand at a black-tie event last night looked stunning, I think you could say...She’s a pleasure to sit next to and she certainly looked good." Easy there, Mike, your 12-year-old schoolgirl is showing.

Gillibrand recently lost 40 pounds by adhering to the "Gillibrand Diet," a combination of decaf coffee and squash games with Al Franken. But at a recent WNYC hosted dinner for the Empire State Pride Agenda she said "for this crowd, I'm sure you want to know how I did it." (Making sweeping generalizations about gay men and body image is always appropriate.) She then joked that she was on the "Pretend You're A Republican" diet, where whenever you see sweets or fats you act like a Senate Republican and "just say no." Check out the video below if you're not too worried about falling for the "stunning" senator.