Yesterday, State Education Commissioner David Steiner appointed an eight-member advisory panel to review a waiver that would allow Hearst Magazines head Cathie Black to become the city's new Schools Chancellor despite her lack of educational experience. But Bloomberg sent the panel a warning, saying that if they didn't appoint Black they will literally not be able to find anyone else to do the job. Anywhere. Forever. He asked, "How would you get somebody else? I don't know what you'd do if you didn't [get the waiver]...I don't know why anybody would come if you didn't do this." Yes, why would any educator apply now that they know Bloomberg is looking for business moguls?

The panel is also causing some controversy, as three of the members are former Education Department officials and three are current superintendents. Panel for Educational Policy member Patrick Sullivan told the Daily News, "I don't think it's appropriate to appoint three individuals who previously worked for the Bloomberg administration. We need more independence than that." But a state Education Department spokesman said, "Naturally, it was important to have panelists with New York City school system knowledge and experience." Not that it matters—she already knows she's got the job.