2007_05_bloombergsmile.jpgThe Daily News reveals that more New Yorkers wants Michael Bloomberg as President than they do Rudy Giuliani, 46% to 29%. And when asked "Who do you think was the better mayor?," 56% say Bloomberg over Rudy's 29%. And there are quotes from two parts of the city:

"I like that everything Bloomberg said he is going to do for the city, he did. There are more charter schools and I like that," said Sharran Roberts, a 30-year-old mother from Bushwick, Brooklyn. "[Giuliani] did over his wife, he did over [New Yorkers] and he is not going to do it with the country."

"I'd vote for them as a presidential team, but egos get in the way," said Dan Ricciardi, a 54-year-old doctor from Brooklyn Heights. "[Bloomberg] is more of an elitist, but he is an excellent mayor."

"Giuliani was a very hostile person to the African-American community," said Michael Lewis, a 58-year-old African-American from the upper West Side. "I don't particularly like Bloomberg, either, but he is less rigid."

"I just see [Bloomberg] as a better person," said Susan Gershen, a 63-year-old upper West Sider. "And I'd be interested in what he has to say if he runs for President.

Is this Daily News publisher Mort Zuckerman's secret way of getting Bloomberg to run? There have probably been an equal number of articles about Bloomberg not running as there are speculating that he will run and how may people want him to. It's at the point where the Mayor enjoys suggesting he might be considering a 2008 run, especially when it makes him less lame duck mayor than a potential presidential powerhouse, as today's NY Times' article explains: "Mr. Bloomberg has said privately that he is not interested in a campaign simply to make a point or to be a Ross Perot-like spoiler. Like Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, he would be in only to win." We just wonder what combination of Republican and Democratic candidates would be polarizing enough for Bloomberg to run. Clinton and Romney? Obama and Giuliani? Obama Romney?

And all this love for the mayor has us recalling when the city isn't so thrilled with the Mayor - most recently after the Bronx fire.