Mayor Bloomberg appeared on Meet the Press to talk the economy, and he said Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson was the right man for the job (for right now). Bloomberg also touted more transparency, "The first thing we need is more disclosure, visibility. The problem is that nobody knows what any institution owns and what the terms of the securities they own are and what they are worth. If that was out in the public domain then there wouldn't be this crisis of confidence."

Bloomberg also noted how NYC's been trying to saving, even during the boom times, and blasted partisanship. You can watch the first 6+ minutes of his interview above--he even talks about how maybe he'd be host of Meet the Press after Brokaw asked about a possible third term--but here are some other points:

  • On the presidential candidates' experience: "They're going to face different problems than we have today. So, when I look at them, I don't have this litmus test issue on different things, "What are you going to do about A, B and C," because they are going to face D, E and F, whoever wins, when they're in office."

  • On whether capital gains taxes should go up from 15%: "I think you can make--economists will make the argument that capital gains taxes going up will dissuade people to invest... But if we want services, we're going to have to pay for them. And the worst thing we're doing is to do the worst--take the services but not have us pay for them."
  • On endorsing a candidate: "Well, I've listened to both candidates and I want to make sure that, for as long as I can, I have a good dialogue with both, that I can give them my views and the perspective of New York. I represent 8.3 million people in New York, and it's important that these two candidates understand what's in the interest of those people, and so I want to make sure that I have a good dialogue with both.
Amusing moments: When Brokaw mistakenly said Bloomberg worked for Lehman Brothers in the past (he actually worked for Solomon Brothers) and when Brokaw said, "Joe Biden, who is the vice presidential candidate on the Democratic ticket.." Bloomberg said, "I know who he is." (Transcript here)