Mayor Bloomberg will prove he's not scared of no stinkin' canal when he visits Gowanus later today to announce the “start” of his $150-million effort to improve water quality there. Currently he's up against the fed's push to turn the Gowanus Canal into a Superfund site; something he believes will be too expensive, take too long and ruin the future re$idential area with a toxic stigma.

The Brooklyn Paper reports that the the opposition feels the "Superfund designation is the best way to secure funding because it allows the government to go after the actual polluters who have sullied the former Gowanus Creek for more than a century."

The press conference comes with a press van that will allegedly bring City Hall reporters to the canal; and we're guessing the octopus and his friends will show up to speak out on the Superfund's behalf. Next stop: Newtown Creek?