Never one to shy away from an anti-gun message—especially in a state that once had a "Bloomberg Gun Giveaway"—Mayor Bloomberg was in Virginia to unveil a TV commercial aimed at closing a loophole in the state's gun law that allows gun sales without background at gun shows. And with him were relatives of Virginia Tech shooting victims as well as the mother of NYPD cop Russel Timoshenko, who was fatally shot during a traffic stop. Here's the ad from Americans United For Safe Streets, a political action committee almost entirely funded by Bloomberg, which features the brother of a victim:

The ad calls out Republican gubernatorial hopeful and former Virginia AG Robert McDonnell, who, the Washington Post reports, "hasn't supported closing the loophole." CityRoom says the McDonnell's campaign considers it an "attack" but wouldn't mention the billionaire by name. (CityRoom also notices that McDonnell's website has a video of Rudy Giuliani referring to McDonnell as having "the kind of leadership that we need, not only in Virginia, but we need it throughout the country.") McDonnell's campaign manager said, "Bob McDonnell was on the campus of Virginia Tech the day after the shootings. He personally met with a number of families and friends of the injured and killed. He will never forget their suffering, and their pain."

Tatyana Timoshenko said, "I am standing in solidarity with the Virginia Tech families whose lives were also devastated by gun violence. My son was killed with a gun purchased from a Virginia gun store with a troubled history. To prevent future tragedies, I want to see the gun show loophole closed in Virginia and across the country."