Mayor Bloomberg, who has promised that his $65.6 billion budget, which includes thousands of layoffs, will hurt, has eased up a little bit on one thing: The amount he's reducing funding for child care services for low-income children. Still, the NY Times reports that Bloomberg is looking for an additional $400 million from other city agencies to fill the deficit.

Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson told the Times, "While the city’s economy and fiscal situation continue to improve, Albany and Washington continue to face serious challenges, and their cuts are real." The mayor will be announcing his budget this morning.

As for the child care services, originally Bloomberg was proposing to cut funding for 16,000 children's day care slots (the city has 106,000 child care subsidies). According to the AP, "Under the mayor's [latest] proposal, the only children who would lose care next year are 1,350 aging out of the program. Another 10,000 would be placed in a city program offering after-school activities instead of getting subsidies." The Times adds that the City Council could offer up more money.

Bloomberg's revised stance on child care funding might make Council members more amenable to passing the austere budget; Councilman David Greenfield had told City Hall News last week he wouldn't vote on cutting those child care service cuts, "It's a matter of fairness. It's a matter of equity. It's a matter of morality. This is the line in the sand."