As of last Friday, school's out for summer. But if legislators in Albany don't get together before tomorrow's deadline, Mayor Bloomberg's school control could be out forever. Bloomberg has been seething at the possibility that the turmoil in Albany might mean that the State Senate will not convene in time to pass an extension for the mayoral control bill that has already gone through the Assembly. Today Bloomberg suggested giving out personal information to get legislators to listen saying, "We'll give you the numbers of the senators assuming everybody promises to call them at 3 in the morning. I can do one better. We should give you their addresses so you can stand outside their houses. That would really make a dent." Bloomberg said that he used to have his number listed and would get a 3 a.m. call once a month, usually someone calling with a problem he would have them call back with in the morning. "Most did, and we were able to solve their problem."