Bad news for the cabbie who kicked the embracing gay couple to the curb on Monday night — Mayor Bloomberg has gotten involved! The NY Post reports that he declared everyone has the right to ride in a cab (duh), and added, "I thought the taxi driver's behavior -- if it is as reported -- was a disgrace. Somebody's orientation has absolutely nothing to do with whether they can ride a taxi. That kind of attitude doesn't fit with what this city's become."

Paul Bruno and his boyfriend say that Medhat Mohamed tossed them from the taxi after they hugged in the backseat. Mohamed has claimed that the couple was distracting him, to which Bloomberg says, "a cabdriver shouldn't worry about the orientation of the people that get in the taxi cab. The cabdriver's job is to get them there safely, as expeditiously as possible."

Meanwhile, the Taxi and Limousine Commission are investigating to find out if Mohamed should be penalized for refusing service.