2008_12_bl25.jpgMayor Bloomberg spoke out against the murder acquittal of Lillo Brancato Jr. Brancato, on trial for the death of an off-duty police officer, had claimed he was "dope sick" and didn't realize his friend Steven Armento was armed during their quest for drugs. Bloomberg said, "This business that, 'Oh, I was high on drugs' is no excuse. This business that 'I didn't know there was a gun' is no excuse... If you and somebody else choose to rob somebody and the other person pulls a gun, you're as culpable under the law and should be held to the same standards as the one that actually did the shooting... It's society that is hurt by the juries' not standing up for those that are putting their lives on the line." Armento, who shot an off-duty cop who interrupted their attempt to get drugs from a friend's house, was convicted and Brancato's lawyer had emphasized Brancato was not the shooter.