At this 11:30 a.m. press conference about Hurricane Sandy, Mayor Bloomberg announced that NYC public schools would also be closed tomorrow, Tuesday, October 30, which makes sense since, with the MTA not coming back until Wednesday at the earliest). He emphasized, "This is a massive storm."

Regarding residents who have ignored his mandatory evacuation of the low-lying Zone A areas, Bloomberg said, "If you are still in Zone A and you can leave," JUST LEAVE. He said, "Conditions are deteriorating. As winds build, it's more dangerous to go outside," which further makes it difficult to evacuate (in other words, you should have evacuated yesterday). Bloomberg said that if an emergency situation arises, the city will send first responders, "but we'd love not to put their lives at risk." About 3,000 people entered the city's 76 shelters, plus 73 pets.

Bloomberg said that the surge was coming at 8 p.m., plus-or-minus two hours, for the surge that's headed to the New York Harbor and that would go up the Hudson and East Rivers. He also pointed out that residents in the South Bronx might not get the effects of the surge from the Long Island Sound until around 10 p.m. There could be a surge of 11-12 feet at the Battery.

The mayor added that there was an effort underway to make sure homeless New Yorkers were taken to shelters.