After the Daily News published memos outlining the number of tickets needed in Brooklyn's 77th Precinct (the memos were posted in the station room), Mayor Bloomberg said that the NYPD would investigate the matter. The News reports, "'Commissioner Kelly will look at it,' Bloomberg said, calling the postings an aberration. 'We don't have quotas,' he said, 'but we certainly have performance management.'" Is undercharging felonies part of performance management too?

The NYPD says that the memos were not authorized, like a police union spokesperson said that no officer would post it without a supervisor's permission. The News also reminds us requiring that cops meets quotas is "illegal under state law - and runs counter to the Police Department's public no-quotas stance."

81st Precinct police officer Adrian Schoolcraft has released recordings of police supervisors essentially enforcing quotas. He's suing the NYPD for $50 million for throwing him in the psych ward.