Mayor Bloomberg spent yesterday getting finger-wagged by angry taxpayers over the snow removal failure, and he let everyone know just how lousy he's feeling about it on his radio show this morning. "This year is not ending the way I would have preferred, but it's still been a good year. Nobody has a career that goes straight up," he glumly pronounced. He also added that the city's failure to plow the streets days after the blizzard was "character building." We're sure those disgruntled people stuck on unplowed streets are very pleased to know that this is all about your personal growth.

Now that Bloomberg has given a mea culpa or two, he can get down to the hard work of investigating that alleged Sanitation slowdown. Or, he could talk to the Department of Investigation, who it turns out already began a probe earlier this week after hearing rumors of the slowdown. Repentant Sanitation workers now allege that the Sanitation bosses who sabotaged the blizzard cleanup because of massive budget cuts targeted specific politically connected and ritzy neighborhoods in Queens and Brooklyn during the slowdown. One source told the Post, "It was more targeted than people actually think. Borough Park was specifically targeted [because of]...its ability to sort of gin up the p.r. machine."

The majority of snow removal complaints Public Advocate Bill de Blasio received since the blizzard came from Borough Park. You know what Borough Park residents might have appreciated more than apologies and "character building"? Unplowed streets. Or perhaps Corey Booker.