Mayor Bloomberg continues to express his dismay over Arizona's controversial immigration-enforcement law. In an interview with MyFoxNY, he said, "The solution to our problems is more immigration, more immigrants. That's been true since the Pilgrims settled here. And will continue to be true even more so in the future as we continue to live in a more global technological world."

He explained, "We have to an immigration law that everybody understands and that is enforced. And the ways to do it is very simple. It is four-pronged: You give permanent status, after [they] pay fines, learn English, whatever, to the 12 Million. You reduce the demand for labor from illegal immigrants by enforcing the laws that the companies cannot hire undocumented. And you can only do that if you give them the tools, which is a biometric Social Security card, probably nothing else. You make sure that we go and we provide visas for those that we want. And if you do those things, you have a strategy. If you don't do those things, it's not going to work."

When asked, "Is it not of a concern to you that 60 percent of Americans support the Arizona law, and a majority of New Yorkers also support it?" he responded, "I don't think 'concern' is the right word. I think it is shocking and terribly worrisome." And about the undocumented immigrants in NYC, "This city depends on these people. This country incidently depends on these people. You would devastate the national economy if by some magic, and that's the only way you would do it, you would find everybody who was here illegally and deport them."

Right now, a rally is being held at Cadman Plaza to protest Arizona's law. While a federal judge struck down parts of the law, one of the rally's organizers told NY1, "The judge's decision was really very limited. It's also temporary. It means that key provisions are actually going to go ahead, such as people being able to sue the police department if they don't enforce the law; workers are not going to be able to seek work in the streets, which is really important for people seeking day labor."