Last week, the Daily News reported how, at one Brooklyn building, luxury condo apartments were being used to house homeless families, prompting some others to head to the Crown Heights to see if they could score a swank pad. However, Mayor Bloomberg warned that the fancy setting should only be considered a temporary home; he said on Friday, "We're not going to let people just sit there. This is a transition thing. We want to move them out. And if they say, 'Oh, I love this here, I don't want to try something else,' I'm sorry, that's not the whole intent here." The billionaire also added, "When I saw the place I felt like I was on a TV show. I thought this is crazy. It has marble counters and marble bathrooms, the floors are brand new...It tells you about the [real estate] market. Somebody built the building. They couldn't rent it. So they rented it to us for our standard thing." It's unclear how much that "standard thing" is, but the city is paying the Bushwick Economic Development Corp. $2700 per family for housing and counseling services.