2007_02_bloomspitz.jpgWe image Mayor Bloomberg had some talking-to with the new governor! A few days ago, Governor Eliot Spitzer dipped his toe into the dispute about how victims' names would be arrange at the World Trade Center Memorial.

Spitzer said a "very public discussion" should be had to satisfy still-lingering unhappiness from some victims' families about the WTC Memorial Foundation's plans. The foundation, led by its chairman, Mayor Bloomberg, decided not to signify civilian victims' names by employer name, age or floor (though they'd be grouped by their employers), while uniformed responders will have their company or precincts noted; this decision is already a change from the original scheme to randomly list names. Spitzer's words came at a press conference where he and Mayor Bloomberg (as well as NJ Governor Jon Corzine) were discussing Freedom Tower - if only we could have seen the Mayor's face turn red!

Now Bloomberg says Spitzer agrees with the WTC Memorial Foundation's plan. He told reporters, "“I had a long conversation with Governor Spitzer the other day, yesterday, explaining to him what we’ve done. You’ll have to ask him his views, but the Memorial Foundation’s the one that makes the decision. They’ve done that and we’re going to go ahead with that.” The NY Times adds that Spitzer's spokesperson says Mayor B provided "greater clarity" about the issue - and by greater clarity, we can only imagine the conversation starting out with "WTF are you doing sandbagging me?"

Bloomberg also emphasized, "This is not a memorial just for the families. This is a memorial for America. We've found a way to display the names in a way that I think will show the enormity of the tragedy and at the same time show that everybody was equal."

Photograph of Bloomberg and Spitzer at the press conference announcing Spitzer's support of the Freedom Tower earlier this week by Louis Lanzano/AP