Everyone knows that Mayor Bloomberg loves Police Commissioner Ray Kelly something fierce—he'll go out of his way to compliment and commend Kelly on stop-and-frisk, even when Kelly himself is critical of it. But Bloomberg doesn't just think Kelly is a swell guy with a Popeye grin—he's the greatest god damn police officer since Kojak. “No one has done more to improve community and police relations than Ray Kelly,” Bloomberg said on his weekly radio show. "[Kelly] is the best police commissioner the city has ever had.”

“I sympathize with Ray’s frustration. You know, everything the police do is wrong to certain groups of people,” Bloomberg said of police criticism. He pointed to the city's consistently low murder rate as one of Kelly's chief achievements: “We used to be one of the murder capitals of the United States and we just are not going back—at least not while I am here.”

Not everyone is as over the moon with Kelly and the NYPD as Bloomberg: more than 80 people have been shot over the past week alone, and Rev. Al Sharpton wants Kelly to sit down for a summit with concerned community leaders. "There clearly is a need for a new collective strategy," he said. "If stop and frisk was working we wouldn't have had the shootings, so y'all are not getting the guns."

State Sen. Eric Adams of Brooklyn has also been an outspoken critic, previously claiming Kelly "is using racial undertones to divide this city on who has a passion to deal with the issues of crime." Adams challenged him to tour the "gritty neighborhoods in his district" without a gun or security detail—to that, Kelly replied, “I’ve walked a lot of streets.”

Anyway, Kelly is down for a summit, "We’ve worked with Reverend Sharpton in the past . . . and look forward to doing so again."