There's no stopping Mayor Bloomberg from buying another term, so it's not like he has to win anybody's approval. Still, it's nice to see he's at least making an effort, rolling out the campaign promises just like any other average Joe politician. In an Op-Ed in one of the tabloids today, Bloomberg asks, "How would you like to use your mobile device to see a map of available parking spaces in your neighborhood—and also use it to pay your meter? Or how about getting a text message as your meter is about to expire, so you can get back to your car before getting a ticket?" It's a start... but can these new meters give us back rubs too, like the ones in Japan?

Well, if that's not enough to get you to passively submit to plutocracy, try this on for size: In his third term, Bloomberg promises to "explore the possibility" of eliminating the $2 fee to pay parking tickets by credit card, as well as an amnesty program to get some of the $700 million the city is owed from old tickets. Long live Bloomberg! He's also vaguely promising to increase "sensitivity training" for traffic enforcement agents, which sounds very Clockwork Orange, and we like it.

But the "smart parking meter" vow is definitely the most interesting part of Bloomberg's pandering. And for a mayor that's perceived by some as too anti-car and pro-bicycle, the sop to motorists will probably help his all-but-guaranteed re-election. Still, presumptive loser Bill Thompson is trying to quaintly reason with voters; his spokesman is begging New Yorkers to realize this is all just a "stunt." Whatever; A.I. parking meters!