Mayor Bloomberg hasn't exactly been the biggest supporter of Bill de Blasio, what with the charges of racist campaigning and generally unenthusiastic attitude. As Fran Leibowitz might say, maybe it's a height thing—but let bygone be bygones! Bloomberg promised he would try his darndest not to undermine de Blasio during his first year in office.

“I will not criticize,” he said during his weekly radio appearance yesterday. “These jobs are tough enough without an extra voice criticizing you. In the first year in particular, when you’re a new mayor, you just don’t need a previous mayor criticizing, and Rudy [Giuliani] never once did,” Bloomberg said.

“I think the way [Giuliani] conducted himself after the new administration took over says a lot about his character," he added. "I’m sure there are plenty of things I did that he didn’t like, that he wanted to stand up there and yell and scream. But he didn’t and I won’t. I will not criticize.” Does this mean in lieu of criticism, Bloomberg will truly embrace the phrase "Guiliani-esque" and start referring to 9/11 in every public appearance he makes? Or is he just going to start selling LifeLock?