Mayor Bloomberg reassured the city would have clearer roads—100,000 tons of salt! 1,400 plows!—after today's winter storm, pointing out, "New York City has nearly 6,000 miles of streets. So to plow all our streets, just think about this, it's like plowing form here to Los Angeles, and back. It is really quite an amazing job that the sanitations workers have to do and that they do do." (If your street hasn't been plowed, call 311.) Schools Chancellor Joel Klein explained the rare snow day, "A lot of those streets weren't passable. We have kids, young kids, walking to schools. We transport 150,000 or so students on yellow buses. With the wind and the snow blowing and the traffic issues that we were hearing about, we thought this was the right decision. As I said, it's never the preferred decision, but the right decision." And the Mayor had a message for the school kids: "For those kids who were hoping for two consecutive snow days in a row, things can always change, but my suggestion is to do your homework."