Because tougher state exams meant fewer city students were found proficient in math and English, Mayor Bloomberg has pledged $10 million to state test tutoring (video below). The money will be distributed to 532 schools where over two-thirds of students failed the tests last year, with schools getting between $6,000 and $65,000. But why give the money in the middle of the school year? According to Bloomberg, "New chancellor!"

Bloomberg, Cathie Black, Christine Quinn and UFT President Michael Mulgrew gathered to make the announcement, with Mulgrew saying, "Something had to be done; this is a start." Schools should receive the money by February 8th, and are expected to invest in things like weekend and after-school classes and online tutoring. However, the state exams are administered in May, giving schools little time to prepare this year's class. Schools Chancellor Cathie Black said that they recognize throwing money at problems won't make them go away, "But we recognize some schools need extra help right now. I've already begun looking at our budget and spending to see where we can better use our dollars." However, Bloomberg added, "Until we know what Albany is going to do, we don't know what our school budget is going to be."

Bloomberg also jumped to Black's defense when she was asked yet again about her "birth control" joke, saying, "Let me say it for her. People take things out of context and a little too seriously." Mulgrew reportedly retorted that some jokes "just aren't funny."