Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg headed from the Big Apple to Martha's Vineyard to play a round of golf with President Obama. According to a White House press pool report, "We are told Bloomberg and Obama talked in the clubhouse for about 15 mins about the economy. They then went to the driving range and are about to begin their round." Then the White House said, "The president and Mayor Bloomberg took the opportunity to discuss plans for short- and long-term economic growth at a pivotal point in our recovery."

The Post thinks there's something else behind Bloomberg's visit: A source said, "It's definitely a telling invite. Bloomberg can really help Obama fend off the crazy Tea Party types. He's an independent, and he's the most well-known mayor in the country."

The Daily News points out that Bloomberg "notably didn't direct any blame at Obama for what he called [the federal stimulus bill's] failings" during his radio show yesterday; the mayor said, "Once you get it to Congress, there's real-world politics. I'm not knocking them, but the real-world politics is everybody's got to bring home something, or the local press and commentators like you will blast, 'Our Congressman didn't bring home something.'"