When you have millions and millions to spend on your mayoral election campaign, apparently the thing to do is to have people at the direct mail company assign ethnicities to New Yorkers' last names. Because a journalist, Rafael Martinez-Alequin, received two hyper-targeted Bloomberg for Mayor mailings: One aimed at Hispanics and the other at Jews. Martinez-Alequin received the Jewish mailing (it's the mayor with a yarmulke with other Orthodox Jews - almost as Jewish as him Rosh Hashanah shopping last year!) because his wife Margarita's last name is Levin. Martinez-Alequin tells Newsday that Hizzoner is "running an ethnic campaign" which could be divisive, but a Bloomberg strategist simply says, "We know there are different ethnic communities, and we try to present the mayor's record to as many people as we can about issues they're concerned about." Gothamist just feels left out. Why didn't we get mailings targetted at pet owners/fanciers, cyber citzens or multi-culti Gen X-ers? Your money can't buy our demographic and psychographic details yet!

And speaking of Margaritas, Democratic City Councilwoman Margarita Lopez is endorsing Bloomberg (The Politicker has the press statements). But Ferrer gets a bigger fish: Bill Clinton will campaign for him.